New Works 23

Videos – Trondheim Art Museum (Performative (Gestural) Videoworks)

The human body moving, creating some logic in environments not necessarily scaled for human activity. “Vitruvian Traverse” and others. Videoworks 2009 – 2013

Subterranean – International, Group Exhibition at Museum Amos Rex in Helsinki. 2022. Curator: Pontus Kyander

New Works – 2020/21

New Works with link to the online virtual exhibition “Body, Memory and Repetition” (EAA, Budapest)  

“Matter, Gesture and Soul” – (University of Bergen, KMD)

A cross disciplinary, international, artistic research project that  investigates several encounters and alignments between Contemporary Art and Archaeology. The Art Academy, University of Bergen – (Pictures showing Mesolithic sand-stone engravings in Fontainebleau). With: Elin Tanding ...

“Tracing Gravity” – Galleri Semmingsen, Oslo

Works about gesture, tactility, body symmetry and scale. Solo show at Galleri Semmingsen, Oslo, April/May, 2019.    

“Pictures of Lightness” – Kunsthall Trafo (PHD). Curator: Maaretta Jaukkuri

Pictures of Lightness. Works dealing with Nature, Gesture, tactility, body symmetry and scale. (Also title on research fellowship project executed through Norwegian Artistic Research Program, and Kit/NTNU in Trondheim). Solo show at Trafo Kunsthall, June ...

“Pictures of Lightness” / Text download/ (PDF)

PHD paper. Written between 2009 and 2015. Translated by George Morgenstern; Pictures of Lightness. (2015) – PDF Paintings and photos by Geir Harald Samuelsen    

“The Optimal Grip”. Trondheim Art Museum, 2013

Soloshow at Trondheim Art Museum, spring 2013. Curated by Pontus Kyander. Soloshow at Kunsthall Trafo, Oslo. 2015. Curated by Maaretta Jaukkuri. Works about nature, gesture, tactility, body symmetry and scale. The Optimal Grip. Drawings/paintings and ...

“Waves” / Henie Onstad Art Museum. Fotogalleriet, Oslo. The Norwegian Parliament. Kunsthall Trafo

Waves. Repetitive gestures challenging the properties of light and matter. Inspired by Peder Balke and Hokusai.  Galleri Bouhlou, Bergen, “Columns”, (2008), The Norwegian Parliament public Art, (2000), “Wipe”,  Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter  (2000 – 2005) / “Fieldpainting”, ...

“Getting Close” – Gallery Wang, Oslo

Getting Close, Galleri Wang, (Oslo), 1999 / Works about repetitive gestures, wholeness, fragmentation and presence/ Millenniumpictures… Exhibitionphoto from Gallery Wang. Photo: Geir Harald Samuelsen. 

“Big Wipe” – Henie Onstad Art Museum (Sal Haaken). Curator: Aasmund Thorkildsen

Paintings in the intersection between gesture and depth, readymade paint: Investigating depth by applying light-reflecting paint used on rescue-ships and airports. (Jotun Se-Lett (Jotun Easy-to-See)) Exhibited at Sal Haaken (Henie Onstad Art Center), 2002. And ...

“The Ashoka Suite” – Commissioned work in Lindholm Cabin, Hvasser. (Lund-Hagem Architects)

Commissioned work in summer cabin, Hvasser owned by Eidsbø-Lindholm Family. Drawn by Lund-Hagem architects. Acrylic on Lead, three panels, 150 x 300 cm, 2005  

“Exit Stetind” – Multi layered Mountain Photography. Book: “The Mountain in Norwegian Art”. 2008.

 “The Mountain in Norwegian Art”. Henie Onstad Art Museum. Publication (Book) and exhibition in 2008. Light and Gravity, Kunstnerforbundet, (Oslo) 2006 / Exit Stetind, Fotogalleriet (Oslo) 2005 / Topographies, Skogheim (Hamarøy) 2009 /  “Fjellet i Norsk ...



Videostills from 2013 videoorks

Catalogues, books…

Publications, books and  more from 1998, to 2013. Design by Henrik Haugan ( and Geir Harald Samuelsen. Book by Ørenbergs Bokbinderi, Oslo

“Hollow Mountains”

Mono-prints inspired by René Daumal`s  unfinished symbolic novel (1944) :  Mount Analogue: A Novel of Symbolically Authentic Non-Euclidean Adventures in Mountain Climbing

“Inverse Panorama” / “Autumn Star Topographies” – (After Knut Hamsun, 1906)

Combining photographic collage, painting and text in exhibitions with transparency and transcendence…. Showing collage and gestural , simplistic paintings at Skogheim, Hamarøy (Nordland), during the Hamsun days in July 2009.

Red Works / Vibrational Fields

Black Works / Vibrational Fields


Ben Moon on “Moonwall”, 7C+, Vesterøya. (1999). Photo: Geir Harald Samuelsen